OLS50 Portable Sound Soother FAQ's

Q: How do I replace the batteries in my device?
A: Use the included screwdriver to remove the screw securing the battery cover. Insert 2 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries, ensuring that the “+” and “-” marks on the battery slot are aligned with the battery polarities. Fit the battery cover on and secure with the screw.
Please note that when the batteries have been changed the OLS50 will revert to factory settings.

Q: How do I restore my device to factory settings?
A: Turn the product on and press and hold the VOL+ and VOL- buttons at the same time for approximately 4 seconds. The device will now reset. Turn on the OLS50 in the usual way, and the default settings (Volume level 6 and Rock-a-bye lullaby) will be selected.

Q: What sounds does my OLS50 play?
A: The OLS50 includes 2 Nature Sounds (Ocean Wave and River), a White Noise sound, a shusher sound and 3 lullabies (Rock-a-bye, Cradle and Twinkle).

Q: How do I switch between the lullabies?
A: Pressing the music icon on the back of the device, will switch between the lullabies.