SC330 FAQ's

Q: Parent Unit is continually beeping?
A: Take a look at page 12 in the user guide for a list of the tones the Parent unit makes. It could be beeping for a few different reasons.
• The link has been lost between your units. Check that the Baby unit Link indicator is illuminated. If not, make sure the power adapter is still connected.
• The batteries are low. See page 7. If the Parent unit still beeps after this, try switching the Baby unit off at the mains power socket and removing the batteries for around 30 minutes
If the Parent unit still beeps after checking the above, please try switching the Baby unit off at the power. Ensure the Parent unit is clean by wiping with a damp cloth. If the problem persists call the Oricom Customer Support for advice.

Q: The battery is low on the Parent Unit?
A: Put the Parent unit back on charge.
Place the Parent unit back on charge as frequently as possible or ideally leave it on charge to ensure the batteries remain charged.
To fully charge the batteries, the Parent unit should be on charge for approximately 24 hours if switched on or 16 hours if switched off to reach maximum charge.
To speed up the charging process turn the Parent unit off when charging if it is not being used.

Q: The Parent Unit remains silent or very quiet?
A: You may have set the volume too low, see page 11 to increase the volume.

Q: I can hear the unit making a high-pitched noise?
A: The units might be too close to each other. The volume setting might be too high.

Q: The talk back feature is not working as it should be?
A: Check that the Units are correctly linked.