SC510 FAQ's

Q: How many parent units can I have with the one baby unit?
A: you are only able to have one parent unit.

Q: My parent unit is beeping at me
A: This could be that the batteries need to be recharged, place the parent unit on the
charger to recharge the batteries. You could also be out of range of the baby unit, try moving closer to the baby unit.

Q: My parent unit is beeping and showing low batt
A: The batteries need to be recharged, place the unit back on the charge.

I can’t hear any noise coming through the parent unit, why?
A: Check that the sensitivity is correctly set on the parent unit and that the volume is set to a suitable level.

Q: The temperature is flashing and beeping all the time, why?
A. This is showing you that the temperature is out of the set range either too high or too low and if the unit is beeping then the temperature alert is set to on. If you set the alert to off then the beeping will stop and only the temperature will flash.

Q: The parent unit won’t turn on, why?
A: Take out the batteries from the parent unit and turn off the baby monitor – leave it off for 1 hour and then reconnect the unit. Are the batteries fully charged – try a full recharge of 14 hours.

Q: My Batteries are not lasting the recommend hours, why?
A: Check the date of purchase as the batteries may need to be replaced. It is also advisable to leave parent unit off the charger and let batteries run until you hear the low battery warning when in normal use.

Q: Can I wall mount the baby monitor?
A: No the unit cannot be wall mounted.

Q: What sound tracks are included?
A: Lullabies: 3 Blind Mice, Brahms, Hush Baby, Night Night, Twinkle Star
Classical: Canon in D, Dream Chase, Dreaming,
Other: Song 9, song 10, song 11, song 12, song 13, song 14, song 15