SC715 FAQ's

Q: My SC715 keeps showing ‘Lost Link’. How do I fix this?
A: Move the parent unit closer to the baby unit. Try resetting your monitor to avoid busy channels:
1. Turn both camera and parent units off and remove the battery in the parent unit. Leave unplugged for 1 minute.
2. If you have Wi-Fi in the home, make it busy by streaming a video on YouTube or similar.
3. Turn the camera back on wait for 30 seconds.
4. Plug the battery into the parent unit and turn on

Q: How many cameras can I connect to the one parent unit?
A: Up to four cameras can be connected to the single parent unit.

Q: What is VOX? How does it work?
A: You can select VOX on/off. During VOX on, parent unit display will turn off once the voice level in the baby unit is below the threshold. You can activate the video and audio at anytime by pressing the keys.
Note : To conserve power,VOX is on automatically when parent unit is operated by battery.
(1) VOX sensitivity level:
Once VOX on is enabled, VOX sensitivity level and VOX timer can be selected.
You can select the VOX sensitivity level (5 Levels) by pressing the / keys, press to save.
(2) VOX timer
After setting the VOX sensitivity level, you can then select the VOX timer. VOX timer duration can be selected with the / keys from 10, 30 or 90 seconds. This setting determines the duration the screen is on when VOX has been activated.

Q: How do I know which camera is registered/de-registered?
A: In the camera registration / de-registration option in the settings menu, the camera registration status is shown. Tick mark indicates the camera is registered. Cross mark indicates the camera is not registered.
(1) You can select the camera to register / de-register by pressing the / keys and confirming the selection by pressing .
(2) Once the camera is selected for registration, the following screen will be shown. Press the key on the back of the baby unit in order to register the new camera.

Q: What zoom options does the SC715 have?
A: You can select x1 or x2 ZOOM on the video display. Selecting x2 Zoom will magnify the display.

Q:How should I clean my SC715?
A: Wipe down the monitor with a clean dry cloth. DO NOT use any chemical cleaner or solvents on your baby monitor.

Q: What battery life should I be getting from my SC715?
A: Up to 8 hours of continuous operation when new battery is fully charged, with VOX turned on.