SC870 FAQ's


Q: What are Cry Alerts?
A: Babies make all sorts of sounds, from gurgling and snuffling to chatting and crying. Cry alerts won’t alert you to every little snuffle, but only when your child is making a loud noise. A cry alert only sounds when the Parent unit is on mute (by setting the parent unit volume to zero).
Important: If the screen’s off or in sleep mode, it will come on when there is a cry alert. If your baby settles, a cry alert will stop automatically after 30 seconds.

What happens if there’s more than one alert? You’ll always see the latest one on the screen. If you dismiss the latest alert you’ll see the previous one.

The threshold level to activate a Crying Alert is 83dBA SPL or the first red indicator on the Parent Unit

Q: How do you pan, tilt and zoom your camera?
A: To zoom a camera, tap the screen and the (+) and (-) will appear. Tap these to zoom in and out.
To pan or tilt a camera, tap the screen and directional arrows will appear. Tap and to tilt your camera up and down. Tap and to pan your camera left and right.

Q: How do you register additional cameras?
A: 1) Go to camera menu on the parent unit and then select the camera you want to pair.
2) Follow the on-screen instruction to turn on the baby unit and then press and hold the night light button on baby unit for 10 seconds.

Q: How do you turn off the night light?
A: 1) Tap the quick access menu
2) Choose the Night Light tab.
3) Tap to turn your Night Light on/off. (The (lightbulb icon) will glow yellow on the quick access menu when you return to the home screen.)

Q: What is the best way to use the Lightshow?
A: If the camera unit has been wall mounted the lightshow feature will not project onto the ceiling but onto a wall. Placing the Baby unit on a flat surface 1-2 meters from the cot is recommended for best results when using the lightshow.

Q: How do I change the Temperature Alert settings?
A: Make sure your baby’s room is at a comfortable temperature. Your handy baby monitor will let you know if it’s getting too hot or too cold.
1) In Menu, tap Temperature (Thermometer Icon)
2) Tap (Temp. Format Icon) if you want to change how you want your baby’s room temperature displayed (i.e. in Celsius or Fahrenheit). Its default is Celsius.
3) Tap (Temp. Alert Icon) to turn off alerts or set the kind of alert you want.
4) Tap (Temp. Calibration Icon) if you want to adjust the temperature displayed. For example, you might want to do this if there’s a slight difference in temperature between what’s showing on the Parent unit and your central heating thermostat or other device.
5) Tap (Temp. Light Icon) if you want to turn the Baby unit’s temperature indicator light on or off.

Q: How long does the Parent unit battery last?
A: A fully charged Parent unit will last about 6.5 hours with normal use. To speed up charging, charge the Parent unit when it’s switched off. You can also charge the Parent unit and use it at the same time, but it’ll charge slower and take longer to fully charge

Q: How do I attach my Baby unit to a wall?
A: You get some screws and plugs with your baby monitor.
Here’s what to do:
1) Make sure the wall can support the Baby unit.
2) Make sure the power plug can reach the power socket.
3) Check that you aren’t drilling into any hidden wiring or plumbing. Oricom isn’t responsible for any damage or injury caused while trying to wall mount your Baby unit.
4) Use a pencil to mark where you want your Baby unit.
5) Check the reception strength of the Baby unit and its camera angle before drilling two 5mm holes, 37mm apart.
6) Install supplied plugs and screws then hang your baby unit.

Q: My Parent/Baby unit isn’t working. What should I do?
A: Check that:
1) Power cables are plugged in and switched on at the wall socket
2) Batteries are installed correctly and fully charged
3) The units are turned on
4) The Parent unit isn’t too far from the Baby unit(s) (large obstructions or other electrical devices might affect the signal between the Parent and Baby unit). Sometimes unplugging the power cables, waiting about 20 seconds, and then plugging them back in can help. If you do this, you’ll need to allow about a minute for Parent and Baby unit(s) to link.

Q: My Parent/Baby unit is making a high-pitched noise. What should I do?
A: They might be too close together. Make sure they’re at least 2-3 metres apart.

Q: How do I reset my Parent unit?
A: In Menu, tap Oricom Help then tap Factory Reset.

Q: How do I reset my Baby unit?
A: Within three seconds of the Baby unit starting, press and hold down the night light and lullabies buttons for about five seconds.

Q: Why is my Parent unit beeping?
A: The Parent unit beeps when:
1) Your units aren’t linking – see page 9 in the user guide.
2) There is a problem with mains or battery power
3) A cry alert is switched on – see page 31 in the user guide.

Q: How do I pair the Parent unit to a camera?
A: Select the camera menu.
Next, select which camera you need to pair, and the on-screen instruction will ask you to turn on the camera and press and hold down the night light button.